Free Domain Name( for Organizr Homepage

Hello! So I have been using Freenom for about 2 years now. They have been excellent but there are a few stipulations. You will want to always have a active site, at least active most of the time. If not they will cancel your domain name with their automated checks.

Here are the steps required to make a website at Freenom:

  1. First you need to find the domain(even before you make an account)domain.pngdomain2.png
  2. Then you check to see the availability, if it isn't available, either choose a different name or different extension(.tk, .ga, .ml, .cf)domain3.png
  3. Once you select the domain name you need to checkout and sign up by entering your email address.domain5.png(notice how I changed the period from 3 months @ FREE to 12 Months @ FREE. Press continue to go to finish aquiring the domain name)domain6.png(Notice: Verify your email address or use Facebook or Google. Me personally I prefer just my email)
  4. Now we move onto configuring the DNS and subdomains as well as MX records if you so desire to send email! Remember all of this comes after you get an email from Freenom verifying you. Usually instant.domainlist.png(You will have to manage the Domain name then Manage the DNS)managedns.png
  5. Now is time for managing the DNS. This is important because I use subdomains so usually a lot of entries. You can use folders under the reverse proxy but it looks cleaner in my opinion. You absolutely need to have it in this way, there format is different than some providers.domain7.pngThe MX listings are not necessary but you will always want the first and second entry I had. Those will give access to your domain. The rest are services. And if you want your services to work under then a entry of www.plex would be required as well as just plex. You can make as many records as your heart desires!
  6. I wasn't going to go into port forwarding but you can google Port Forwarding for your router, go to the router page, and forward ports 80 and 443.
That's how you get a domain name for free that points to your IP address for you to access it remotely. I use Organizr as my primary, so when you go to you are greeted with Organizr. From there you can add all your services, configure everything but I will explain how to do that in my next tutorial.

Have a wonderful day!