Running your server for the first time!(Part 4)

So we have setup everything we need to get the show on the road!

First thing we need to make sure we are in the docker directory located at /home/USERNAME/docker. You should have created a docker-compose.yml file that is the basic configuration of each of our media server components! What that means is its very easy to get them started. All you have to do is go to the terminal and type:

cd ${USERDIR}/docker
docker-compose up -d

You will see it slowly pulling and extracting all the image files it needs to run the containers, so first run takes the longest. Its a lot to download. But it will then say that they have all been started. I usually like to verify that everything is all good by going to portainer which is located at ip:9000 and looks like this when all is said and doneportainerstats.png

I do not run the nginx with docker, that starts at the beginning of my system. I just use letsencrypt for certificates. But lets encrypt also has a ton of sample proxy configs that will help you with most of these.

So what happens here is all your containers are being configured and creating the necessary files they need to run. Most of the work left is configuring each service which I will not go into... It takes a long time to get it right. Theres so many options. I will go into the setup of organizr and configuring the options inside the letsencrypt container since that is where your proxy will be that will send to subdomains, or if you prefer, folders. So take this time to setup plex. Since that is definitely the main concern here everything else can come after.