Plex Authentication

Plex Authentication can be used to keep Organizr and Plex accounts synced.

Settings / System Settings / Main / Authentication

Change the Authentication type to Organizr DB + Backend. Choose Plex as the Authentication. The following settings will need to be set.

Setting Value
Authentication Type Organizr DB + Backend
Authentication Backend Plex
Plex Token Use the Get Plex Token button
Plex Machine Use the Get Plex Machine button
Admin Username Admin username or Admin email from Plex Main server
Enable Plex oAuth This will bring up a Plex login screen that will flow credentials through
Strict Plex Friends Enabling this option will only allow people from your friends list that have access to the server that you selected for Plex Machine


For Admin Account - Make sure passwords match in Organizr and Plex

If Plex account was made using Facebook, Google etc - YOU HAVE TO USE OAUTH to sign in

If the Get Plex Machine button doesn't return any results - Perform the following:

In your browser head to: http://[PLEX-URL]:32400/identity

Replace [PLEX-URL] with your Plex IP or DNS name

Alternatively, you can locate your machine ID from:

Replace xxxxxxxxxx with your Plex Token

Once the results come up copy the field machineIdentifier="abcdefgh12345678" - so in this case, you would copy abcdefgh12345678 and paste that into the Plex Machine box