Hide custom text from specific groups


To display text only for specific user groups.

In this example, we are using groupID 999 which is the Guest Group.

    if(activeInfo.user.groupID !== 999){
        var cssSettings = `
            .hidden-for-non-guest {
                display: none;
<style id="guest-css"></style>
<div class="hidden-for-non-guest">
    <h1>You're a guest.  Please log in!</h1>
This is text everyone sees.


Open the Tab Editor and go to Homepage Items then finally select Custom HTML

Next you will Click which Custom HTML segment you want to use and Enableit then change the Minimum Authentication to the group you want to allow to see it. Next you will copy the code from above and paste it into the box at the bottom. Finally hit the πŸ’Ύ button.


A User who is logged in

A User who is not logged in

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