HealthChecks Homepage Item


The HealthChecks Homepage item allows you to see all your health checks on your page at a quick glance.

Setting up


When setting up the homepage item, the first option is to enable it, do that by toggling the Enable Switch. After that you need to set the Minimum Authentication group that will be able to use this item.

Please make sure not to set the Minimum Authentication to at least the same or lower than the homepage's Tab Group




Enable the Plex Module

Main Module Minimum Authentication

Minimum Group needed to see Entire Module


If you already went through the Plex SSO or Plex Authentication setup you will have these next fields already saved, if not, you can hit set those values using the provided buttons.




URL to the HealthCheck API (Local or Main API Site)

Disable Certificate Check

Disables the Certificate of the URL provided if https

Use Custom Certificate

Uses a Custom Certificate for the verification of the URL provided if https

Misc Options




Pull only checks with this tag

Refresh Seconds

How many seconds to update the healthchecks on the homepage

Show Description

Show description on the healthchecks item

Show Tags

Show tags on the healthchecks item

Signing up at

Head over to and create an account. Once created head over to User Menu and select Project Settings to copy your API Key.

Enable the API and once enabled click on Show API Keys

Copy the API key (Top one) and paste into Organizr


You can setup logo/images for the checks if you add an images URL to the tags section for that check

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