Troubleshooting SSO

Troubleshooting Single Sign On


In the event that something isn't working as expected, here we will short where to start looking to troubleshoot.

Debug Area

In the drop down under your username in the top right there is an option for the Debug Area. From here use the drop down at the top and choose the SSO option you are trying to troubleshoot.


oAuthLogin: true

rememberMe: true

rememberMeDays: 7


enabled: true

cookie: true

machineID: true

token: true

plexAdmin: email

strict: true

oAuthEnabled: true

backend: true


enabled: true

cookie: true

url: http://docker.home.lab:3579/

api: true


enabled: true

cookie: false

url: http://docker.home.lab:8181

SSO Values

misc.oAuthLogin = Current Login used oAuth

misc.rememberMe = Remember me button was toggle on login

misc.rememberMeDays = Cookie Length in days

%SSO_TYPE%.enabled: false = SSO module enable status

%SSO_TYPE%.cookie: false = Cookie status

%SSO_TYPE%.url: false = URL of SSO module

%SSO_TYPE%.api: false = The API key status if set

%SSO_TYPE%.backend: false = Plex Backend is not enabled

%SSO_TYPE%.machineID = Used for Plex - machineID status

%SSO_TYPE%.token = The API key status if set

%SSO_TYPE%.plexAdmin = Either username or email

%SSO_TYPE%.strict = Status of Plex Friends status

%SSO_TYPE%.oAuthEnabled = oAuth enable status

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